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.: Furry Fandom :.

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Welcome to .: Furry Fandom :., one of the largest furry groups on Roblox! 🐾

We're a furry/LGBT+ group situated on the grounds of quality community interaction, and we set out to create a safe space/haven for our members. Stop by our server or visit the hangout to join in!

Donations go towards advertisements, the growth and further development of the new hangout, and paying our developers. If you buy the 1k gamepass, type "/checkrank" ingame and your rank will be updated to Donator.


· No drama 😿
· No trolling/raiding 🛑
· No asking for free ranks ⚠️
· Do not ask to be unbanned 👮
· Use common sense ❗
· Respect everyone 😺
· Have fun! 👍


If you'd like to appeal a ban, submit one via the #rules channel in our server (located in our social links!)

The artist who made our logo, clothing, advertisements, and other amazing art is memieve!

.: Furry Fandom :. was founded by Fennecpaw on 10/19/15.