Win emojiEmoji Contest

In February 2019 Rolimon's held an emoji contest where anyone could submit their own original emoji artwork. The winner got their emojis added to the Discord server, a Series 5 Roblox toy code, and the Contributor role in our Discord server.

Player Thumbnail
 Accept Emoji
Decline Emoji
Downgrade Emoji
Upgrade Emoji
Drop Emoji
Raise Emoji
Thumbsup Emoji
Thumbsdown Emoji
Trade Emoji
Scam Emoji
Loss Emoji
Win Emoji
Rolimon's Logo

Rolimon's LogoLogo Contest

In January 2019, members of the community submitted their entries in our logo contest. The winning entry was used as the new official Rolimon's logo and the winner received two Series 5 Roblox toy codes and the Contributor role in our Discord server. Two runner-ups also each received a Series 5 Roblox toy code.


Player Thumbnail
First Place
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Player Thumbnail
Second Place
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Third Place
Rolimon's Logo

Christmas 2018 LogoChristmas 2018

The Rolimon's Christmas 2018 event is hosted by longconnpoo1234 and has three different competitions including the logo contest, clothing contest, and costume contest. Contest winners receive the special Red-Nosed role in our discord server and runner-ups receive the Festive role.

Costume Contest Winners

Clothing Contest Winners

Winning T-Shirt
Shirt + Pants
Winning Shirt and Pants
al5xx & Moedigger
Winning Shirt

Logo Contest Runner-Ups

Christmas 2018 LogoChristmas logo created by BrookeDetail

Halloween 2018 LogoHalloween 2018

The Rolimon's Halloween 2018 costume contest was the first contest ever held in our Discord server. Users entered costumes under certain categories, and the best costumes in each category won a very special "spooky" rank in the server!



Stylish &
Best Overall

Halloween 2018 LogoHalloween logo created by visualsLord