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Mysterious Roblox Badges That Were Never Released

June 29, 2022
Badges are a beloved feature on Roblox. However, there is more to Roblox badges than meets the eye, including some that have never been released.
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2021 Roli Awards Premiere June 25th

June 21, 2022
The premiere of our 2nd annual Roli Awards will be livestreamed on YouTube Saturday June 25th, featuring celebrity award presenters GPR3, CV10K, and Linkmon99!
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Offsale Roblox Items are Going Limited… What’s Next?

May 12, 2022
Three beloved offsale items have gone Limited, surprising the entire Roblox trading community. Find out here which offsales may go limited next...
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Roblox NFL Draft Chain on Sale for a Limited Time

May 3, 2022
To commemorate the 2022 NFL Draft, an NFL Draft Chain is now on sale for a limited time and is expected to become a limited item sometime afterward.
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ROBLOX Sales - The Good Times That Need to Return

May 1, 2022
There hasn't been a Roblox sale for three long years - and no one knows why. It's time to take a nostalgic trip into Roblox history to find our last piece to the puzzle.
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Top Ten Hoards of All Time by Swimmyz

March 8, 2022
Some item hoards are so spectacular they have made an impact on the trading economy, or on an item’s value. Here are Swimmyz’s Top Ten Hoards of All Time.
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A Dying Breed - CZM's Plea for New Gears

February 28, 2022
It's been nearly four years since Roblox has released a limited gear. CZM makes the case that more new limited gears are needed!
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The Downfall of the Great GVPQ Hoard of 2021

February 19, 2022
The GVPQ hoard was one of the greatest hoards of 2021, and could have been among the greatest hoards of all time if only the plan hadn't fallen apart.
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Top 10 Offsale Roblox Items That Should Go Limited

December 28, 2021
Explore some of the best offsale Roblox items that many players would love to get their hands on, but won't be able to unless Roblox makes them limited.


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The Roblox Beatland Experience

April 22, 2022
The Roblox Beatland Experience is hosting a live show by Boris Brejcha and has six free items available to earn.
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10 Festive Limiteds to Wear This Easter

April 16, 2022
Easter is almost here and what better way to get in the cheerful mood than by dressing up in Easter themed limiteds!
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Free Amazon Prime Roblox Arsenal Bundle

April 14, 2022
Amazon has released a new free Arsenal Bundle for Prime members which includes two hats.
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Chipotle National Burrito Day 2022 Event

April 7, 2022
Chipotle is celebrating National Burrito Day with free in-game items and codes for free food in their Chipotle Burrito Builder Roblox experience.
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The Roblox GRAMMY Week Experience

April 2, 2022
GRAMMY Week has come to Roblox for the 64th GRAMMY Awards! Join to experience a virtual concert from Camilo, earn some items, and more!
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Roblox 24kGoldn Concert Event

March 21, 2022
The Roblox 24kGoldn Concert Experience is now opened. The concert will premiere on March 25th and will also feature several free items.
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Silo's Top Limiteds to ShamROCK Your Outfit

March 2, 2022
St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and lucky for you Silo has made a list of top limiteds you could wear to suit the occasion.
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Achille Lauro Superstar featuring Gucci Collaboration

February 18, 2022
The Achille Lauro Superstar featuring Gucci collaboration has begun, and features many free items and limited items!
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Super Bowl LVI Roblox Collectibles On Sale

February 13, 2022
The Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Helmet and Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl LVI Helmet limited items are on sale for a limited time.
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Vans x The North Face

February 11, 2022
In collaboration with The North Face, Vans will be releasing three new limited items, a new Skatepark PVD Forever Skatepark, clothing, accessories, and more!
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NFL Tycoon Experience Comes to Roblox

February 10, 2022
NFL Tycoon has been released as the official Roblox experience of the NFL. Build your stadium, manage your team, earn exclusive items, and much more.
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Alo Sanctuary Experience Comes to Roblox

February 10, 2022
Alo Yoga has released the Alo Sanctuary experience where you can explore the island, take free yoga classes, earn exclusive items, and much more.
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Roblox Super Bowl LVI Crown Collectible on Sale

February 9, 2022
Roblox has just put a Super Bowl LVI Crown on sale for a limited time today for 400 Robux. It is expected to go limited shortly following the release window!
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BRIT Awards 2022 VIP Party Ft. PinkPantheress

February 8, 2022
The Brits VIP Party event experience featuring PinkPantheress has just released, and you can earn five free items just by playing it!
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David Guetta DJ Party Event

February 1, 2022
The David Guetta DJ Party event begins February 4/5, and features two items you can obtain for free.
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The Roliday 2021 Experience Upgrade & Free Item

December 25, 2021
The Roliday 2021 Experience has been upgraded to include the Roliday Rumble 2021, where you can earn a free Flurry Belt item.
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NFL Wilson Golden Football Head Limited Sale

December 25, 2021
The NFL Wilson Golden Football Head will be on sale Christmas Day 2021 for 24 hours. Sometime after then it is expected to go limited.
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NIKELAND Adds Free Nike Cookie Earmuffs

December 21, 2021
A new free item was recently added to the NIKELAND event. The Nike Cookie Earmuffs can now be claimed in the NIKELAND experience.
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Ralph Lauren Winter Escape Event

December 9, 2021
Roblox has released the Ralph Lauren Winter Escape event experience, featuring free items and limited items in the coming days.
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Roblox NIKELAND Event

November 9, 2021
Roblox has launched a new NIKELAND event with a free Nike Pro Cap and Nike Elemental Backpack.

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