Rolimon's Lucky Cat!

Rolimon's Lucky Cat randomly chooses a Roblox limited item to bestow its luck upon and bring its owner good trading fortune!

Whoever holds the Lucky Cat item receives the Lucky Cat RoliBadge and may also get extra trades inbound from other traders who want it. Don't hold it too long though because every 4 to 24 hours the Lucky Cat chooses a different item!

Current Lucky Cat Item

This is the item that the Lucky Cat has currently chosen. Find whoever owns it and send them a trade to see if you can get it.

Make sure to get the right serial number and UAID, other copies of the same item will not give you the badge!

The Lucky Cat will choose a new item at a random time within the next 14h 43m

Where is the Lucky Cat Item?

Latest owner seen by our UAID scanner
Latest owner seen by our inventory scanner

How to get the Lucky Cat RoliBadge

There are a few things you must do to obtain the RoliBadge.

  • You must own the current Lucky Cat item (Hint: You can try to trade the current Lucky Cat owner for it!)
  • Your inventory must be visible to everyone
  • Your Rolimon's profile page must be viewed in order to trigger a scan of your inventory

There may be a short delay for the scan to work properly, so refresh your profile page if needed and verify you got the badge before you trade the Lucky Cat item away.

How does the Lucky Cat choose its item?

The Lucky Cat chooses items randomly, but it's very picky and will skip over certain items. It will also only choose an item from an active trader's inventory!

Here is what it looks for in a trader when making its selection

  • Currently has Roblox Premium
  • Inventory is visible to everyone
  • Has created a Trade Ad within the last 3 days

Here is what it looks for in an item when making its selection

  • Has a serial number
  • Value cannot exceed 50,000
  • RAP from 100 to 50,000
  • Not flagged as a known projected item
  • Has at least 500 available copies
  • The item copy (UAID) has been traded or purchased between 7 and 14 days prior