How to get a game added to Rolimon's game analytics

To get a game tracked just join the Rolimon’s Developer Community Discord server and make a request to have it added.

Which games qualify to be added?

Ideally we want to track games for the benefit of the developers and the players. Here are some basic guidelines for games to qualify:

  • Under active development (updated in the last six months)
  • Already released or near release date
  • Consistent concurrent players
  • Has a fanbase that wants to see more stats and information about the game than Roblox provides

These guidelines are intentionally loose, but basically we don't want to track games with no reason!

What is Rolimon's game analytics?

Rolimon’s game analytics tracks a multitude of Roblox game statistics, information, and resources. Using our analytics, developers can monitor their game’s performance, identify problems, and track growth. While this information is helpful for Roblox game developers, it's also something Roblox players use to find out more about their favorite games.