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Free Clothes

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Welcome to an amazing group of clothes!

Disclaimer : The clothes are NOT free. The minimum price is 5 r0bux. The title is NOT a promise. 
It's the same thing for every dollar's shop, the title of the shop is one dollar, however, pretty much everything is over that.

Rules :
(Breaking a rule(s) may lead you to being exiled)
- Don't attach any link in your post
- Don't self-promote
- Don't ask for robux
- Don't spam
- Be kind with the others
- Have fun !

Q : Why this group is called "Free Clothes" if clothes aren't free !?
A : When the group was created, it was intended to be free clothes. However, Roblox decided otherwise and decided to set a minimum price for clothes. So why does this group is still called this way ? Once the name is set, you can't change it anymore.

All the clothes made by us :