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Omega Clothing ™

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Welcome to Omega Clothing! 
Here you can find thousands of clothing items for cheap prices!
Our catalog https://www.roblox.com/catalog?Category=3&Subcategory=3&CreatorName=Omega%20Clothing%20%E2%84%A2&SortType=2&SortAggregation=5

- Want to rank up? 
Alpha: 5 clothes. 
Beta: 10 clothes.
Elite: 25 clothes.
Honorable: 35 clothes.
Revered: 50+ clothes. 
Platinum: 100+ clothes.

- Rules:
No spamming or asking for robux. This includes duplicate posts or posting back to back more than two times.
Unacceptable conduct: Swearing, bullying, threats, scamming, posting links to clothes/groups/games. Any member who does is subject to being kicked or moved to Rule Breaker rank. 

-Group Founded by po_or & do_om 10/15/16