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🎂 Bee Swarm Sim is 3 years old! The celebration code "3YearParty" is available until March 28, and grants tons of goodies including Glitter, Extracts, a 48hr buff and much more! There's lots in the works to hopefully make this year BSS's sweetest yet! 🎈
7 months ago


The official fan group of the game Bee Swarm Simulator, and the studio behind the game:

[ Club member promo code: "ClubBean" for a Magic Bean and Pineapple Patch Boost! Plant that in the field of your choice to get the special treats you need! ]

This group is the studio behind Bee Swarm Simulator ("Studio" so that the group sort might add us to the Studios sort). Maybe "Bee Swarm Simulator Studios".

Join to use the Honey and Treat Dispensers in game for free honey and haste every hour! 

Follow @OnettDev on Twitter to stay informed about game updates!