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Spooky Halloween update has been applied to APRP: The Reborn!! After months, the reborn has been updated! Go check it out for the nostalgia! Game link; https://www.roblox.com/games/6776605391
23 days ago


Welcome, friend! Thanks for joining this group. You can post freely on the group walls, don’t forget to follow the rules too! If you haven’t read them, here they are.


- No asking for admin privileges. (People cannot be trusted as most of them abuse or have fun with the power. Only moderators, server managers, developers can get admin as they have to supervise the group/games)

- No scamming. (Scamming may result being permanently banned)

- No swearing or bypassing. (If one of the administrators noticed you swearing, cursing or bypassing, you will be kicked or be banned permanently)

- No begging/requesting for robux. (A lot of members ask for robux but, to be fair, owner cannot give out robux to each of them)

- No advertising, self-promoting. (You’ll be given the punished role if you do)

- Be balanced. (Treat other people how you want to be treated by them, no bullying, no sending hates)

- No personal informations.

Thanks for reading all of them!