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Stranger Things Fansღ

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Have you seen the new spoiler? Thoughts?
^^ Have a great spook-tober!
24 days ago


✧ Founded: 08.22.19 ☽
✧ Welcome to Stranger Things Fansღ
-Please be kind to all, everyone is welcome. NO BULLYING! OR GET KICKED!
-Do not disrespect others, treat others how you would like to get treated. :)
-No self or other group/game advertising! & NO SPOILING!

✧If you got Admin, please help rank people & be respectful and helpful. Please be active or I will remove you! Remember do Q/A's but most leave current group shout for at least 1-2 days!✧

✧ Do not ask for a rank in the group wall, chances are we will not see it since our group walls blows up daily. Instead ask for a rank here, just copy & paste to browser OR click the Twitter Icon! ☽
↳ https://twitter.com/stfansrblx/status/1248697125472518145

Ranks available;
- Eleven
- Chief Hopper
- Jonathan
- Mike
- Joy ce
- Will
- Dustin
- Billy
- Luca s
- Max
- Nancy
- Steve
- Eggo Waffles
- Demogorgon
- Scoops Ahoy
- Alexei
- Erica
- Robin