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Piggy Roleplay : Infection Official Group!

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Hello! Welcome to Piggy RP Infection's official group, owned by Cosmiqx (Owner of the game). This is a piggy fan community for the game & piggy! We have rules, please read them or you might get kicked & banned from the game. 

Game : https://www.roblox.com/games/4895601294

 Rules : 
1.Never self-advertise, if you do you'll be kicked immediately. 
2. Don't curse, this is a good community. 
3. Don't spam or beg, you'll be kicked without any explanation. 
4. Never start a argument or drama in the group, take your business somewhere. 
5. Never steal other peoples work, if you do CREDIT them. Such as, art, creations, submissions, and etc. 
6. If you're rude to others for being lower rank, your rank will be removed. 
7. If you have a badge that other people don't have, Please don't be rude and flex on them. Thats just uncool and unepic.

I will be posting group shouts on what's going to arrive next for Piggy RP : Infection! 

Game will be updating at : 3PM-9PM CENTRAL TIME