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Squid Game ? https://www.roblox.com/games/7573928764/Squid-Game-Fish-Game
a month ago


-welcome to our group-
If We Send Your Group An Ally Request , Follow This Step To Get Role , To get the "Allies" role you have to accept our ally request and say your group name and say you are an allies in dis / in chat channel named "ally" ( Co-Owner / Co-Admin Can Get Ally Role Also !)

Example: ( I'm an Allie of your Group & I would like to get an allie rank. @Username ) Don't put ur display names cause it would be harder to find u on the Group
If You Read This Thanks For Joining My Group And Thanks For Being My Allies !
Hope You Gonna Buy Our Merch For Supporting Us!
My Second Group : https://www.roblox.com/groups/7600000/Piinkie-Official#!/store
If U An Allies Pls Wait 0-7 Day For Allies Rank On Our Group 
Only Ally Can Advertise , And Only 1 Advertise / Day
We Still Hiring Mod To Rank Up Ally And Filtering Group Wall , Dm Dis If You Want To Applied
Like My Video And Sub My Channel For Faster Ally Rankup xD