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shirt gangster

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🎉 50 Rbx giveaway winner is @saranibo . Congrats  🎉.
7 hours ago


1) Checkout the Store For Nice Merch.

Thank you for everyone who joined my group :D
I try to made more merch as much as possible, I hope that every member enjoys this group, if you have any complaints put them on the group wall and I will try to fix whatever’s wrong to the best of my ability 😀
•Be kind to everyone
•Don’t spam
•No begging robux
•advertise is not allowed!
•Clothing you buy will not be refund

🚫Drama and/or fighting on the group will not be tolerated!🚫

✅Have any suggestions on what you would like to see in the store? Be sure to comment on the group wall!✅
If you want to rank up, you need to buy our clothes according to our rank list。

Valuable Customer: 61 Pieces of Clothing

Rich Investor : 56 Pieces of Clothing

Investor : 35 Pieces of Clothing 

Elite Supporter: Buy Donation Shirt

Small Investor : 22 Pieces of Clothing 

Rich Supporter: 15 Pieces of Clothing
Supporter: 6 Pieces of Clothing 

Small Supporter: 3 Pieces of Clothing