Rolimon's Easter Event 2023

A Rolimon's Easter!

Sunday, April 11th, 2019. The first ever Rolimon's Easter event made its debut to celebrate the Easter holiday that would be on the 21st of April. Users from the community Discord server were met with a ping to let them know a new seasonal event was taking place, in which everyone was given a chance to showcase their Easter themed outfits in a Costume Contest! Winners of this new contest had the opportunity to be remembered in the Rolimon's Hall Of Fame page on the website, and an "Event Winner" role in the discord server.

Image of the first event announcement, 04/11/2019.


Since that day three Easter contests have taken place, and a variety of interesting costumes have taken the winners podium! During the 2020 Easter event two new competitions were added. First was the Egg Retexture competition, in which users were tasked with making their own egg texture on any egg that Roblox had previously created. The second newly introduced competition was the Original Egg contest, where users created a unique egg using their own artistic abilities! Again in 2021, two new competitions were introduced. The Icon and Banner contest where users created Easter / Spring themed Icons and Banners to use on the Rolimons Discord server, and the Art Contest, in which users made creative artwork with Rolimons / Easter / Spring as the themes.

A History of Past Winners

At the end of each event there was inevitably winners in their respective category; over the course of three events we saw a total of 22 winners, and two people who managed to win multiple categories the year they participated. We'd like to commemorate the achievements of those who made it to the hall of fame, and give a special thanks to all who've participated in past Easter Events.

Costume Contest Winners

  • 2019 - Keepledude, nataxo, M1Kl, VoidOfRoses, 246awesome
  • 2020 - 0mgthis1, iAmA_Nameee, JustlikeJets, Zaytones
  • 2021 - headr0ws, Tomurisk, Slippyskull

Retexture / Original Egg Winners (2020)

  • Retexture: Relivus, Bewilda, Zaytones
  • Original Egg: Boriis2k2, Dockts, Blfes

Icon & Banner / Art Winners (2021)

  • Icon & Banner: lunadens, Fufu1337, FinallyEscaped
  • Art: Fufu1337, adnopa, pokemonmoongamer

Easter Hall Of Fame, 2020.

An Announcement!

Unfortunately an Easter Event was skipped during the year 2022, ultimately breaking the three year tradition that the server had come to know. However, this year, 2023, we're bringing back the Easter Event!

This year we've put together an amazing selection of competitions, prizes, and games for everyone to enjoy! We'll be sticking to tradition and hosting a Costume Contest, Art Contest, Banner / Icon contest, and the Egg Retexture Contest. Throughout the event the community team will also be hosting a variety of themed Game Nights with prizes for the winners! The Easter event will run between April 1st and April 9th, and all winners will be announced shortly after the end date.

How to Participate?

Everything you'll need to know can be found on the Rolimon's Discord Server. You can find a directory guide in the #announcements channel that will give an overview of the event and where you can find each contest channel. Submission rules for each contest will be posted and pinned in of their respective channels. If you'd like to participate in Game Nights during the event for a chance to win a prize, you can go to the #roles channel and select the "Game Night" role which allows access to the Game Night channels.

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