Top Ten Hoards of All Time by Swimmyz


If you’ve traded for some period of time, you probably know what hoarding is, or even have attempted hoarding yourself. Nevertheless, hoarding draws a lot of attention because of how impactful it can be to an item’s value, especially when a major hoard is released. When a hoard gets released, things can get ugly real quick (i.e. The Great GVPQ Hoard of 2021 or NGCC).

My best advice is to steer clear of a released item because you don’t want to be the one to end up getting stuck with it. Just so you know, I excluded hoards with less than 5 copies and also took into account the circulation of the item it encompassed, not just the total value of the hoard. Finally, the exact number of copies of a hoard is hard to pinpoint, especially if it was terminated.

Most of the fact checking was done through LMaD (Let's Make a Deal) archives, asking the hoarders themselves, or asking traders that were active during the time. Anyways, here are my Top Ten Hoards of All Time.

Honorable Mentions

Tasteless Shades (TLS) x 11

Hoarded by: SenseiWarrior
Currently Worth: 9.9 mil

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For years, TLS were in traders’ eyes what its name suggests: tasteless. The only notable thing about it was that it was one of the few items that required Builder’s Club to purchase/own. Even during 2019, when rares dominated the economy, TLS had been relatively stagnant. In fact, it remained at 180k for more than 2 years before SenseiWarrior started his hoard in late 2019.

Since then, due to TLS’s extremely low circulation, TLS has been extremely hoard (haha get it?) to obtain and has risen to 900k in value, making SenseiWarrior’s hoard worth 9.9 mil! It’s a good modern day example that hoarding is still possible and can be very profitable if executed correctly.

Decklace (Deck) x 9

Hoarded by: Woof67
Currently Worth: 10.8 mil

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This one is pretty obvious. Owned by renowned trader Woof67, he had a hoard of 9 Decklaces, which has since become 7 copies. Together with Shedletsky and his alt accounts, they owned 25% of all copies in existence and have made Decklace extremely hard to obtain.

The hoard has paid dividends; Deck was valued at 180k in 2018, but has since risen to 1.2 mil. Woof’s hoard of 7 copies is currently worth 8.4 mil in value and is only bound to increase in value over time as long as the hoard stays intact.

New Year’s Crown 2012 x 18

Hoarded by: Trail39Rulez
Currently Worth: 9.9 mil

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Started in 2014, Trail’s hoard has received recognition before, winning the 2020 Roli Award for Rare Hoard of the Year. However, that ultimately ended up jinxing Trail, as his account was compromised soon after. You can imagine the devastating impact that had on NYC’s value.

It plummeted to 200k and there were even talks of it getting devalued. However, Trail received a rollback and the comped copies were deleted, thus saving NYC. It has since recovered to 550k value, making Trail’s hoard currently worth 9.9 mil.

#10 Dark Assassin (DA) x 7

Hoarded by: Merely
Currently Worth: 9.1 mil?

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We kick our list off with a hoard famous amongst the Roblox trading community. Merely owns 7/21 copies of DA and as a result, DA is literally unobtainable. Seriously, the last official trade involving DA was documented in 2018 between Popsy and Kythor. Popsy tried to dupe his 2 copies of DA but ended up getting deleted with them both.

The only chance of obtaining a copy is if Evorsor, who owns serial #1 is pg'd. However, fans of DA can easily get an identical copy by buying the Darkest Assassin package for 800 Robux. Merely’s hoard is currently valued at 9.1 million, which is probably highly inaccurate as the hoard could easily go for much more or much less should it ever be released.

#9 Steampunk Bobbie (Bobbie) x 36

Hoarded by: isc88 & TE0C
Currently Worth: 6.3 mil?

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The story of Bobbie’s hoards is actually quite sad and probably deserves its own separate article. It was originally hoarded by the user isc88. However, at the time, Bobbie was viewed as a “meme item” due to a multitude of reasons. It got so bad that Isc88 LPP’d his Bobbie hoard of 36 in late 2016, resulting in Bobbie having 1k RAP. A good portion of them were terminated in the process due to bots buying them, but Atlas_Rise managed to amass 18 of them.

That hoard was eventually traded to TE0C, who later obtained 8 more copies, forming a new Bobbie hoard of 26 copies. Unfortunately, TE0C was deleted with the hoard, causing Bobbie’s circulation to significantly drop.

The tale continues, as Bobbie became a meme again when AlexTheInvestor managed to snipe one in 2019. Fortunately, things are looking up for the item, as it is alleged to be getting 1 mil offers. That means that TE0C’s hoard could be worth 26 mil, something hoardly to laugh at (ok sorry I’ll stop now).

#8 Dethroned Ruler of the Universe (Deth) x 47

Hoarded by: shockbtw
Currently Worth: 8.93 mil

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The reason why I placed this higher than others is because of the number of copies compared to total copies remaining. This hoard is owned by former value changer and notable trader shockbtw, who is currently terminated. However, his legacy lives on through his holding account Dethroneds1, as his hoard is one of the largest hoards in terms of value and copy percentage that isn’t terminated or released.

Unlike its counterpart, Enthroned Ruler of the Universe (Enth), which had a huge hoard (22 copies) released in 2020, this hoard has managed to stay intact for over 4 years now. Shock actually owns 2 more Deth on another account, bigmanshook. During Deth’s peak value in 2019, the hoard was worth over 14 mil. Now it sits at 8 mil in value, which is still good enough for top 150 in the value leaderboard (excluding private).

#7 Venomshank (VS) x 52

Hoarded by: HatHelper / BrokenBone
Currently Worth: 4.68 mil

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VS is a shell of its former self. It was originally hoarded by famous developer of The Conquerors 3, HatHelper, back before you could even own multiple copies of the same item on one account. HatHelper had 43 copies of Venomshank, meaning he had to buy Builder’s Club many times and store each individually on a separate account. The hoard was expanded to 52 copies at one point. However, in late 2019, the hoard was released.

This promptly caused VS to be devalued, a long downfall from its value of 300k. The hoard was worth over 15 mil at the time. BrokenBone actually still owns 10 copies, however, with VS at 90k value, the smaller hoard currently isn’t even worth 1 mil.

#6 Crimson Thug Shades (CTS) x 30

Hoarded by: Games_Page
Currently Worth: 22.5 mil

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It’s at this point where the value of the hoards jump significantly. CTS already had a miniscule 40 quantity sold to begin with. Fun fact, the hoard was originally owned by str_aws, but he was “comped” by Games_Page. Games_Page was comped himself, but the items never made it off the account. If you include TheNewGuyAround, backache, and Tremity as his alts, Games_Page had 75% of all copies in existence, most of which (21 copies) are sadly terminated.

This has caused CTS to reach a peak of 900k, which it achieved during the Rare Hype in 2019. C0WW was comped with his own smaller hoard of 4 copies in 2020, which hurt CTS’s value substantially as it essentially doubled its circulation, causing CTS to crater to 430k. It now sits at a respectable 750k value, making Games_Page’s hoard worth 22.5 mil.

#5 Dominus Rex (REX) x 54

Hoarded by: CV10K
Currently Worth: 72.9 mil

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We have now encountered our first demand item on the list. Spoiler warning: it's also the last. I was originally going to include his ): Green Sidewinder (GSW) hoard of 50 copies, however, CV10K himself told me to include his Rex hoard, which many of you probably don’t know about. That’s because it was spread across many different alt accounts.

This Rex hoard was extremely successful, leading to 15 mil in net profits for CV10K, propelling him up the value rankings. If that hoard were still to exist today, it’d be worth a whopping 72.9 mil!

#4 Wings of Liberty (WoL) x 24

Hoarded by: qwerty4
Currently Worth: 21.6 mil

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At it’s peak, the hoard was 24 copies and owned by respected trader qwerty4. This was many years ago and WOL was only worth about 70k at the time. However, the hoard got traded in addition to many other items for Dominus Astra to Ra1nb0wzz.

Ra1nb0wzz was terminated with the hoard, wiping out almost half of all copies in existence. For that reason, WOL has only sold a few times in the past few years. At WOL’s peak value of 1.2 mil, the hoard was worth 28.8 mil.

Items given in the Astra trade
LMaD Post Screenshot

#3 Chronoinitium: The Harbinger Helm (Chronew) x 37

Hoarded by: Detrox
Currently Worth: 4.07 mil

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At the time of the hoard, which was in 2015, this was widely regarded amongst traders as the most successful hoard and first major hoard of all time. User Detrox quickly amassed a huge hoard, accounting for 74% of all copies. With 3 copies being deleted, that meant that only 10 copies were left for grabs. This led to Chronew getting over 400k and even upwards of 500k, meaning the hoard was worth well over 14.8 mil.

Even after the rare collapse following devex, Chronew was still pulling 300k+, making it more valuable than RSTF at the time. Detrox traded his hoard prior to quitting, leading Chronew to become the least valuable of the old Chronos. Chronew’s value may be small now, but few hoards had as big an impact as this one.

#2 Tasteful Top Hat (Tasteful) x 296

Hoarded by: Renewable
Currently Worth: 32.56 mil

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Tasteful was seen as a low demand RAP item for years. However, in 2018, one of the largest hoards of all time (small RAP items) was terminated with the termination of Renewable with 296 Tasteful Top Hats. This meant that 85% of all copies were deleted, meaning Renewable is literally the reason why Tasteful is marked as a rare item. Despite this, Tasteful still was a low value item, garnering around 20k until 2019, where it peaked at 160k value.

Tasteful has since settled at around 100k value. Combined for a value of over 32 million, these Tasteful Top Hats are even more valuable than 2 Dominus Empyreus (Emp)! It’s safe to say that without the termination of the hoard, Tasteful would be nowhere near its value today.

#1 WC Ultimates: Aquamarine Attitude (WCUAA) x 60

Hoarded by: Vorfi
Currently Worth: 72 mil

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WCUAA has been hoarded many times in the past. It’s why there is such a delta in value between it and the next closest WC Ultimate, PDD. Now you might know of the current WCUAA hoard by Rolimon's value changer revonai, who currently owns 19 copies, or even HoIySnow when he had 11 copies in 2020.

However, there was at one point in 2016 a hoard of 60 WCUAAs by a user by the name of Vorfi. That’s over 60% of all copies that were originally sold and is now worth a whopping 72 mil in value. Vorfi’s termination is a major contributor to WCUAA’s high value.

Concluding Remarks

Well it’s been a heck of a journey! Thank you if you’ve kept reading for this long. I also want to thank whoever took the time to answer my questions and especially TEOC for helping me fact check the article.

I do realize that many of you may think that a hoard deserved to be higher on the list or another hoard should’ve been included and expect to get a lot of heat for this list. However, that's precisely the point of the article, to create conversation and also to reminisce about the past.

Additionally, this article was meant to introduce the Rolimon's community to some of the greatest hoards of the past and present, as I’m sure many of you didn’t know about the existence of some of these hoards. Once again, thank you for reading and who knows, I might do a demand version if I’m up for it.

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