Chipotle National Burrito Day 2022 Event

Chipotle has returned to Roblox for National Burrito Day!

The first 100,000 players who joined the event experience and rolled up one virtual burrito were rewarded with a redeemable code for a FREE burrito or regular entrée item for digital only orders placed on the Chipotle website or using the Chipotle app.

For any questions or concerns regarding eligibility in your country or other FAQ, refer to the terms and conditions of the promotion of the Chipotle website (

ADDITIONALLY, the top 5 players on the leaderboard by 11:59pm PST each day from 4/7 - 4/13 win free burritos for a year!

Event Experience

Chipotle Burrito Builder | Roblox Experience
Chipotle Burrito Builder | Analytics on Rolimon's


Happy National Burrito Day!

🌯 ROLL burritos to earn Burrito Bucks* + unlock FREE exclusive virtual items
💸 EXCHANGE Burrito Bucks for a FREE** real burrito offer code (1st 100K people to roll 1 burrito at 3:30pm PST today, limit 1/ player, U.S./CAN only; Terms
🎒 DELIVER burritos around town in a side quest to unlock a reward
🏅 TOP 5 players on the leaderboard by 11:59pm PST each day 4/7-4/13 win Free Burritos For A Year**!

Extra ways to celebrate Nat’l Burrito Day in the Chipotle app/site today
✔️ Get 400 Robux in Rewards Exchange
✔️ Order the official Chipotle Burrito Builder Burrito, inspired by the Roblox community
✔️ Enjoy FREE real Queso Blanco using code NBD2022 today

*Burrito Bucks Terms
**NO PURCH NEC. 50 US & DC, 13+. Terms

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Free Items

Several items are available to earn through the experience. Instructions for getting the free items are provided below.

Note: Allow a while for the free items to be awarded in your inventory, it can take some time.

Tie Dye Shirt

Item Thumbnail


Hide your salsa stains with ease.

How to Get

Roll up 5 burritos in the burrito builder game.

Doodle Bandana

Item Thumbnail


The flyest headwear from the 90s.

How to Get

Roll up 10 burritos in the burrito builder game.

Pepper Choker

Item Thumbnail


So you can wear your heart on your neck.

How to Get

Roll up 15 burritos in the burrito builder game.

Spoon Shades

Item Thumbnail


The real usage for spoons at Chipotle.

How to Get

Roll up 20 burritos in the burrito builder game.

Cheese Frosted Tips

Item Thumbnail


The freshest cut you’ll ever have.

How to Get

Roll up 25 burritos in the burrito builder game.

Foil Fanny Pack

Item Thumbnail


Perfect for holding that extra burrito.

How to Get

Roll up 30 burritos in the burrito builder game.


Item Thumbnail


Only the freshest beats.

How to Get

Roll up 35 burritos in the burrito builder game.

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