David Guetta DJ Party Event

The David Guetta DJ Party event game has just released, and comes with two free items available to earn, as well as a show which premieres on February 4th and February 5th at 4PM PST/7PM EST, and re-airs hourly throughout the weekend.

In the meantime before the shows, you can earn two items, the Titanium Jet Pack and the Music Note Speechbubble. See below for a guide on how to earn them.

Event Experience

David Guetta DJ Party

David Guetta DJ Party on Roblox
David Guetta DJ Party Analytics

Free Event Items

Follow the steps below to get the two free items that are available as part of this event.

Music Note Speechbubble

  1. Make your way to the teleporter from spawn and teleport to the Obby island
  2. Complete the entire obby
  3. After completing the obby you will be awarded with the Music Note Speechbubble item, and access to the Archives island

Titanium Jet Pack

  1. Teleport to the Archives island
  2. Complete the short puzzle by turning all the pillar lights green to open the vault and earn the Titanium Jet Pack item

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